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Moxie Research is a boutique program evaluation firm serving arts, culture, science and education organizations.


Our Services

Moxie Research provides program evaluation services for large and small organizations, including process and summative evaluations. We collaborate with our client organizations to help them identify and address the questions they have through research and evaluation methods. We are based in San Diego, California and we work with organizations across the United States.


Moxie’s Approach to Program Evaluation

Evaluation needs to be functional and applicable to your work. With that in mind, Moxie Research uses Utilization-Focused Evaluation (UFE), developed by Michael Quinn Patton. This approach to program evaluation focuses on producing work that is useful to programs and inclusive of stakeholders.

Our Practice

We strive to provide high-quality, ethical and useful program evaluation services to nonprofit organizations.


Definition of Moxie (noun):

1. Energy.

2. Determination


— Merriam-Webster


Personalized Service

We work with clients to design evaluation services that best meet their needs and budgets.