Sharing what we’ve learned is an important part of our work at Moxie Research. Here are a few of our publications from past evaluation projects.


Arts Evaluation and Assessment: measuring impact in schools and communities

Chapter 10: The BEst of Both Worlds: Using Multiple Evaluation approaches to build capacity and improve a museum-based arts program

Co-authored with Dr Don Glass

This chapter features the inter-connected stories of two evaluators who worked on improving a museum-based arts, science, and math program.


Journal of Museum Education

STEAM-Y Partnerships: A Case of Interdisciplinary PRofessional Development and collaboration

co-Authored with Dr Molly Kelton


JOurnal for learning through the arts

Unlocking My creativity: TEacher learning in ARts integration Professional development

co-authored with dr Merryl Goldberg & Brenda Hall

This paper examines the impact of two approaches to teacher professional development in arts integration – a summer institute model and a model combining the summer institute with instructional coaching.  In an experimental design, the intervention trained third and fourth grade teachers to integrate visual arts and theater into reading curriculum.  Findings suggest the coaching plus institute intervention had a greater impact on teacher confidence, use and frequency of arts integration than the institute-only intervention or on the comparison group.